Of Monsters and Sprites

IMG_20150107_194126Development of our upcoming title Monsters on Parade is under full swing! Here’s a sneak peak of the elements that might make it into the first draft of the game.

As the mystical organizer of a magical parade, you’ll have access to a vast array of mythical creatures. Some will help you to gather the resources you need, others will feature in the parade itself. If you want a dragon, a domovoi or a fossegrimen to feature in your ensemble, each one of them has to be paid, bribed or cajoled.

IMG_20150107_193938Once you’ve pooled your berries and your waterpearls, don’t get too cocky just yet: is it daytime or nighttime? You might not care, but you can bet that your monsters do. As the cycles change, your monsters might decide that they don’t want to be in your parade after all.

Don’t forget to include a IMG_20150102_231659 (1)banner-bearer! It will add pizzazz to your parade, and just might be the element that tips the scales in your favor.


Do you have what it takes to put your monsters on parade?

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