Paper Tanks

Paper Tanks combines tabletop strategy with paper dolls. Once you have colored, cut out, and assembled your tanks, use them to wage epic war on your kitchen table. Move your tanks and fire at your opponents using our simple token and range-finder system. Fight to the death, play King of the Coffee Mug or even battle…ROBOTS!!!



What is a tabletop strategy game? Tabletop Strategy games are games meant to simulate large scale conflict on a very small physical scale. They operate similarly to games like Chess, Risk or Go but are not restricted by a grid or game board. These games are meant to be played on a large surface, like a tabletop. The grid is replaced by a measuring tape. Instead of moving squares, the pieces move inches.

TableTanksFigure1 TableTanksFigure2

Ranged combat is determined by measuring distance, checking line of sight and rolling dice to see the effect.

TableTanksFigure3 TableTanksFigure4

Meet the troops

Not every unit is built the same. In Paper Tanks each unit is a little different.IMG_20150915_175234

This is the Ajax (left). It is sturdy and can a lot of damage before it stops going; however, its guns aren’t very strong.







This is the Punisher (right). With lighter armor and a less durable chassis it can’t take much abuse, but it’s gun packs a punch.