Silver Star One

It has been a decade since the Mars colonists lost contact with Earth. Malum Corp has declared extra-territoriality over Mars, and they rule the planet’s hab domes with an iron fist. There is one law: Malum Corp law. Until now! The Silver Star Rebellion is taking a stand against Malum Corp. You and your friends are Silver Star One, the elite gorilla group.

You and your comrades have been assigned to attack a Malum Corp space caravan, and keep it from reaching its destination. Gather resources and intelligence, but be sure not to tip off Malum Corp as you prepare. Once you have gathered enough resources (or when the caravan is tipped off to your presence!) the real mission begins. It’s up to you to stop the Malum Corp, or the Red Planet will be a slave planet forever!

Silver Star One is a cooperative deck-building tower-defense game.